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Compact Design - High Performance for Thermoforming

Compact Design - High Performance for Thermoforming

The core of the concept is precise lamination with pre-cut decorative blanks that fit the shape of the substrate exactly. Since pre-cuts of this sort can be positioned closer together on a strip of decorative material, 25 to 40% less decorative material and adhesive waste is produced than with conventional lamination.

In the FABL press laminating process, a pre-cut decorative blank, which is usually coated with a hotmelt, is simultaneously laminated onto a substrate and edge folded in one step. In a second variation of FABL called FABL-V vacuum laminating, a blank of the decorative material is vacuum-laminated onto the substrate and trimmed for edge folding in one step. Edge folding is then completed as a separate step.

New to both process types is the use of grippers powered by servo motors that are used to pull the decorative material. This prevents creasing and, if required, enables more precise positioning and adjusting by sliding the blank on the three-dimensional substrate surface during the lamination process. Other advantages include reduced grain stretch and higher residual wall thickness, which ensure a high-quality appearance.

In addition to the savings already mentioned, FABL technologies also offer a range of completely new opportunities. One-piece door beams that are only partially laminated with decorative material are increasingly being used for interiors. In addition, there are requirements for greater flexibility with sequential and offset manufacturing, and an increasing range of variants. These requirements can be met just as efficiently and flexibly with FABL technology for components with decorative seams or increasingly popular “smart surfaces,” which have functional elements such as heaters, switches, screens or backlit, translucent areas integrated into the decorative surface. With FRIMO FABL, customers are optimally equipped for current and future market requirements.

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